Dan Carnegie Announces Retirement

CAO Dan Carnegie announces retirement

April 12, 2017 – After almost eight years with the City of St. Catharines, Chief

Administrative Officer Dan Carnegie today announced he’ll be retiring effective June 30.

“The citizens of St. Catharines are well-served by an outstanding team of professional
City employees who are dedicated to this community. I have truly enjoyed working with
and getting to know them all,” said Carnegie. “While it has been a privilege to lead this
team, it is time for me to take a step back and spend more time with my family.”

Before becoming CAO in January 2014, Carnegie served as the City’s deputy CAO and
Director of Corporate Services.

During his tenure with the City, Carnegie was involved in several high profile projects
including the launch of both the Citizens First initiative, which created a centralized
customer service model for citizen inquiries, and MVP, which focused on building a
positive corporate culture though the introduction of a common mission, vision and
principles for all employees.

As CAO, Carnegie recognized the City needed to focus on its long-term needs and
introduced a new senior team model with commissioners who are responsible for longrange
planning in both operations and corporate services. He also recognized ensuring
efficiency in day-to-day operations was equally important, and introduced process
improvement to the corporation by creating the Manager of Business Process

More recently Carnegie was instrumental in two major public transportation initiatives:
The successful effort to bring daily GO train service to Niagara with a stop in St.
Catharines, and the Inter-municipal Transit Working Group of Mayors, CAOs and transit
managers from St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara Falls to develop options for
integrated transit services for Niagara.

Carnegie’s retirement tops off a diverse career having held senior leadership positions
at the cities of Oakville and Oshawa, Toronto Hydro and the private sector.

“Dan has played a pivotal role at City Hall and provided consistent leadership through
the beginning of our term as a new Council,” said Mayor Walter Sendzik. “Dan has
delivered on important initiatives to help secure daily GO train service to St. Catharines
and laying the foundation for inter-municipal transit service in Niagara.”

“His efforts are greatly appreciated and Council wishes Dan all the best in his upcoming

City Council will consider plans to hire a new CAO at a future Council meeting