Truck Rodeo

truck-rodeoTruck Rodeo Champs

Each fall, the City stages our annual Truck Rodeo at Seymour Hannah Complex over a two day period.  Staff who have DZ licenses compete in a series of challenges which test their driving skills to the max.  

On October 13th and 14th, 103 competitors took to the course navigating through five stations featuring various driving challenges and a circle check.  For those of us who can barely maneuver out of the downtown parking garage without a scratch on our vehicle, we take our hats off to these drivers who mastered the Rodeo while driving a tandem dump truck!!!

The Senior Management Team and Mayor Sendzik took the opportunity this morning to congratulate the top 5 finishers in the 2016 Truck Rodeo.  These finalists will now proceed to the 2017 Regional Rodeo, held in June in Welland.

Congratulations to Steve Stone, first place finisher for the third year in a row; second place finisher Brad Nelson, a close third Dan Scholman, fourth place Mike Scott and fifth place finisher Joe Coco.

Dan Carnegie and the Mayor both expressed their thanks to those staff drivers for their dedication towards safe driving. 

Keep on trucking guys!