Hackers Golf 2014

Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_08Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_31Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_36Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_31Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_27Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_25Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_18Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_17Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_10Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_09Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_06Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_05Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_04Hackers Banquet - 2014_Page_03It was a great year and a lot of fun meeting all the players from different departments in the City of St Catharines and the retirees. Join next season and do not miss out on all of the excitement.