A little can go a long way.

If you opened an AVC account part way through the year, or have been contributing less than your maximum amount, you can now invest the remainder of your annual AVC contribution limit through a single catch-up payment.

A catch-up payment can make a significant difference over time. For example, if you look at a 10-year period, $1,000 invested in the OMERS Fund on January 1, 2004, would have grown by an average of 7.6% annually to $2,087 by December 31, 2013*.

Don’t have an AVC account?

Similar to RRSPs in many ways, AVCs are part of the OMERS Primary Pension Plan but separate from your OMERS defined benefit pension.

Funds in an AVC account are invested in the OMERS Fund, a globally diverse portfolio that seeks secure and sustainable growth through predictable and stable long-term returns.

AVCs have minimal management fees and expenses with an annual administration fee of only $35. This helps to ensure every cent counts toward your retirement savings.

Visit myOMERS to make your AVC catch-up payment or open an AVC account.

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